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Following an interruption of service last weekend, HAL platform has not yet recovered its full . There is an indexing trouble for the articles in the different portals, including HAL-Pasteur.

Some of your articles may have momentarily disappeared from HAL-Pasteur. This trouble is known and in the course of resolution from HAL's technical services. Moreover, all the articles that you have deposited until now are normally always present in the general HAL base. Recent deposits in HAL-Pasteur will be processed within the usual period.

HAL-Pasteur is part of the national HAL open archive. It allows the self-archiving, the diffusion in open access and the conservation of the research works: articles, prepublications, chapters of books, theses, reports of congress...


Before filing, please make sure that the publication is not already present in HAL.

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CeRIS web page on Open Access [in English]

HAL documentation [in English]


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ANR prepares for implementation of the Rights Retention Strategy initiated by cOAlition S

From the 2022 Work Programme, all calls for proposals issued in the context of the Work Programme and later will be covered by the Rights Retention Strategy. With this strategy, all publications resulting from projects funded by ANR (at least the versions accepted for publication) must be deposited with the CC-BY license or equivalent in the national open archive HAL, immediately after publication in accordance with Plan S.

Institut Pasteur adopts a charter for the opening of its publications


Second National Open Science Plan (2021-2024)


Coalition S launches the strategy for the conservation of rights


Publishers' self-archiving policies

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