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HAL-Pasteur is part of the national HAL open archive. It allows the self-archiving, the diffusion in open access and the conservation of the research works: articles, prepublications, chapters of books, theses, reports of congress...


Before filing, please make sure that the publication is not already present in HAL.

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CeRIS web page on Open Access [in English]

HAL documentation [in English]


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Institut Pasteur adopts a charter for the opening of its publications

The Institut Pasteur aims at reaching 100% of the year's publications in Open Access from 2021 onwards. With the Charter for Open Access to publications, the Institut Pasteur requires their researchers to:
  • publish in CC-BY and without embargo, either in a native Open Access journal or by applying the rights retention strategy
  • deposit their publications in the HAL-Pasteur open archive
The Charter goes along with a practical guide.

Coalition S launches the strategy for the conservation of rights


ANR and Open Science


National Plan for Open Science


Publishers' self-archiving policies

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