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, Figure 7. The Effect of Filamin A Upregulation on Spine Maturation

, Representative IB for FLNA, myc, and actin in HEK293T cells under control or hypoxia (0.2% O 2 ) conditions or after transfection with mycFLNA D21-D23-WT (left). Also shown is densitometric quantification of FLNA

, Representative IB for myc and YFP after IP of myc in the presence of recombinant GST or GST-FLNA D21-D23 proteins from homogenates of HEK293T cells cotransfected with mycFLNA FL and PHD2 WT YFP. Left (input): total lysate control in co-transfected HEK293T cells. Densitometric quantification of the PHD2 WT YFP/ mycFLNA FL ratio is shown

. -h), Representative images of tdT + 14-DIV ctrl (C), mycFLNA D21-D23-WT (D), or mycFLNA D21-D23-3P/A (E) transfected MHNs. Also shown is quantification of protrusion density (F), protrusion length (G), and percentage of spines with a head (H) (n = 10 neurons, pp.324-731

, PSD-95 (red) (I 0 , J 0 , and K 0 ) in 21-DIV tdT-transfected MHN (I-K) alone (I and I 0 ) or together with mycFLNA D21-D23-WT (J and J 0 ) or mycFLNA D21-D23-3P/A (K and K 0 ). The contours of the dendrites in (I), (J), and (K) are indicated in (I 0 ), -K 0 ) Immunostaining of vGlut (green)

, Quantification of the dendritic density of vGlut + /PSD-95 + co-clusters

, Representative images of 14-DIV MHNs co-transfected with tdT together with scrambled control shRNA (M), shPhd2 (N), shFlna (O), or both shPhd2 and shFlna (P)

, Quantification of protrusion density (Q), protrusion length (R), and percentage of spines with a head

, Data are mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001 versus ctrl or scr

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