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A. We, T. F. Jaulin, G. Michaux, N. Gupta-rossi, X. Morin et al., Schweisguth for critical reading of the manuscript; G. Michaux, X. Morin and the Echard Lab members for helpful discussions, ), B. Goud (the Plateforme Anticorps Recombinant A. Le Bivic (IBDM, Marseille) and the DHSB (University of Iowa) for reagents and plasmids. We thank the imaging facility Imagopole Institut Pasteur. We thank P.H. Commere from the Cytometry platform Institut Pasteur for FACS analysis

F. We-thank-dr, S. Legendre, R. Saunier, and . Salomon, Villejuif, France) for protocols and discussion. This work has been supported by, Equipe FRM DEQ20120323707) and INCa (2014-1-PL BIO-04-IP1) to A.E. K.K. has been awarded a doctoral fellowship from the Pasteur Paris Universités International PhD programme and Carnot-Pasteur MI, and a fellowship from FRM (FDT20150532389)