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G. Cells, Precipitated material was fractionated by SDS-PAGE and Western blotted with anti

. Lower, 4G2 and FITC-MAR at F(ab') 2 ; thin histograms: FITC-MAR at F(ab') 2 only. (B) In vivo recruitment of SHIP by Fc?RIIB1 in wt or Grb2/Grap doublydeficient DT40 transfectants. Wt or Grb2 -/-Grap -/-DT40 cells were stimulated or not with R ab AC IgG for the indicated periods of time (in min) Cells were lysed and Fc?RIIB were precipitated with 2.4G2. Immunoprecipitates were fractionated by SDS-PAGE and Western blotted with anti-Fc?RIIB, anti-pTyr and anti-SHIP1 antibodies. (C) In vivo recruitment of SHIP by Fc?RIIB1